Implementing Sustainable Data Centers

75% of Companies to Implement Sustainable Data Centers by 2027, According to Gartner Research

A recent global survey conducted by Gartner shows that sustainability is becoming an increasingly central consideration for cost optimization and risk management in data center infrastructure.

The study found that the proportion of companies implementing sustainability programs is expected to grow from 5% in 2022 to 75% by 2027. Respondents also reported that environmentally friendly choices are driving business growth and creating strategic value through industry partnerships.

The report suggests that extending product lifespans and optimizing storage capacity can result in cost savings of up to 60% and reduce e-waste. Sustainability initiatives can also free up resources for new technologies like AI and analytics, while longer lifecycles and renewable energy can help insulate businesses against market risks.

The current market is experiencing price fluctuations and supply constraints, making it difficult for organizations to manage risks effectively. One way to achieve greater resilience and better risk management and mitigation is through the adoption of sustainable recycling and resource utilization practices. These practices include using renewable energy sources, generating their own power, and reusing and redeploying equipment to reduce waste and conserve resources.

The Gartner survey reveals that over 85% of business leaders recognize that sustainability is a critical investment that can protect their organization from disruption. By embracing sustainable practices, organizations can create a more sustainable future while improving their bottom line and reducing their environmental impact.

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