Minimizing Your Data Security Risks

Data has value, and anything valuable is at risk of theft or loss. Some breaches are intentional assaults on your company’s data security; others are inadvertent holes in your security perimeter, lapses from your organization’s own personnel. Whether dealing with external threats or internal risks, maintaining good data security is a must for your customers, […]

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Revolutionary Thinking for IT Leaders

More than a century ago, Charles Holland Duell, the Commissioner of the U.S. Patent Office, expressed a wish that he could live his life over again just to see what might be invented. Duell would undoubtedly have been delighted at IT developments. He’s often misquoted as saying, “Everything that can be invented, has been,” and […]

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Why Do IT Projects Fail?

No one likes to think about the potential failure of a costly project, but without attention to what can go wrong, your team can’t know the potential hazards that could sink their work. By looking more closely at the phases of project management and paying attention to the most common reasons others’ projects have fallen […]

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Collaborate and Listen: Why IT Needs to Be a Collaborative Effort

What’s your company’s most important resource? Here’s a hint: It isn’t your software. It isn’t your brand name. It isn’t even your physical location and the property you own. It’s your personnel. Without them, everything else the organization owns is just a shell. With that in mind, there’s no more important role you can fill […]

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Keep Your Business Safer from Breaches, Leaks, and Hacks

Some of the nation’s largest firms have been hit by hackers and data breaches that exposed millions of their customers’ sensitive data to the world. Others have had proprietary information lifted from them by unscrupulous competitors or digital privateers who have sold the data to the highest bidder. Smaller companies are not immune; if anything, […]

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Moving up to IT Management

Among all executives, CIOs typically come by their “C” in the most roundabout way. Rising through the IT ranks as a coder or network administrator doesn’t necessarily prepare you for upper-level management. That doesn’t mean taking a circuitous path to management is a bad thing; on the contrary, CIOs with a firm grounding in IT […]

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What Do Successful CIOs Have in Common?

While it’s firmly established as an essential element of modern business, the information technology sector is relatively new compared to other departments. It’s useful, then, to look at what we’ve learned about what great CIOs have in common and understand what this evolving role entails. What does it take to succeed as a CIO, and […]

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Getting a Handle on Shadow IT

Today’s workplace is filled with an assortment of BYOD electronics and cloud computing solutions. In this environment, it’s becoming increasingly challenging to maintain security and keep on top of vulnerabilities. CIOs must have a strategy in place for identifying and dealing with shadow IT, all the hardware and software that isn’t under their complete control. […]

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Top Tips for New CIOs

The gap between what’s asked of new personnel and what C-level executives need to manage might be greater in the IT department than in any other. Entry-level IT workers can afford to focus on their assigned tasks, but a CIO has to juggle numerous projects and priorities at once, making the role vastly more complex. […]

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Making IT Fit – IT Alignment for Your Organization

For IT personnel, making separate elements work together in a cohesive whole is part of a day’s work. The IT department itself, though, is often separate from other departments within an organization, and aligning it with the rest of the business is a challenge many IT leaders face. Without alignment, IT personnel often feel disconnected […]

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